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We are Hexterion. A studio made up of graduates from Glasgow Caledonian University, founded after winning the 2016 Dare to be Digital competition and being nominated for the “Ones to Watch” award at the 2017 BAFTA game awards with Rebound. Rebound is the first official game produced by Hexterion

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/reboundthegame hello (at) hexterion (dot) com

Game Features

Rebound Dodgeball Evolved is a fast, competitive, multiplayer Sci-fi themed dodgeball game. The top down camera and twin stick shooter controls makes it easy to just pick up and play however the fast-paced nature of the game gives it a high skill ceiling. Players can team up and play against each other both online and offline with any combination of maps, Mutators, and gamemodes.

  • Mutators: Change up the rules by changing the behaviour of the dodgeballs or through adding new abilities. Instead of dodgeballs slowing down over time, Nitro Ball speeds the ball up with each collision resulting in a hectic game that only gets more dangerous over time. Time Glitch throws a spanner in the works by sending everyone back in time to where they were shortly before, pay attention and you can save your past self from a dodgeball!

  • Multiplayer: Play locally and online with up to 4 players. Team up with your friends or play free-for-all to see who truly is the dodgeball champion.

  • Maps: With over 15 unique maps you must adapt quickly to take advantage of the new geometry and stage hazards to ensure the win. Watch out for the teleporters!

  • Playlists: Create a playlist with any combination of maps and Mutators for the ultimate customised experience or play one of the pre-made themed playlists.

  • Bots and single player challenges

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